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The Best Man Company, LLC is a social and emotional learning company.

We specialize in providing guidance to improve behavior and academic performance for at-risk students and to foster better student–teacher relationships.

We specialize in providing educational resources, consulting services, and professional development training for all K–12 school staffing communities.

The Best Man Company, LLC’s mission is to support schools in producing tax-paying citizens.

The Best Man Company Goals:

  • Increase student achievement and high-school graduation rates
  • Help students discover the life paths that match their skill sets
  • Help students, parents, and professionals fully recover from life trauma, and emotional setbacks and repair family relationships
  • Provide professional development training for staff and parents who work with at-risk students

About Dr. Jackson

Dr. Jesse W. Jackson III is a nationally recognized school improvement advisor and counselor who specializes in at-risk student achievement and criminal behavior prevention.

Dr. Jackson has been in private practice since 1998 and is currently one of the most-requested staff development trainers in the United States on the topics of accurately addressing negative student behavior, resolving staff issues, and encouraging decisive workplace leadership. His organization has trained thousands of professional staff members, parents, and students worldwide. As a keynote speaker, seminar leader, and professional counselor, Dr. Jackson addresses more than 300,000 people each year.

He has authored 50 books—several of which have become international bestsellers—including The Best Man, Daddy Issues: Why Fathers Are Important, College or Prison: The Male Crisis of The 21st Century, “Don’t Kick Them Out!”, Divorce Is Not An Option, How to Prevent Educator Burnout, and Success or Failure: Leaders are the Difference.

Throughout his career, Dr. Jackson has visited and trained staff in over 1,200 schools throughout the United States, firmly establishing a reputation as a difference-making game-changer for the organizations he has instructed and advised. Schools that partner with Dr. Jackson commonly see lower suspension rates, higher graduation rates, improved standardized test scores, more positive student–teacher relationships, and more productive staff performance.

Dr. Jackson continues to travel weekly throughout the United States, providing students with hope and options, giving parents confidence and teachers clarity, and delivering school leaders the proven blueprint for school success. Recently, Dr. Jackson has developed the New Teacher Orientation training program to better prepare teachers for the “Non-Suspension Era” and the realities of teaching in impoverished school environments. The program focuses on running the classroom, preventing teacher burnout, and managing workplace relationships with coworkers and family members.

Dr. Jackson’s goal is to equip one million educators with the necessary social and emotional life skills required to teach and meet the growing needs of today’s students. To contact Dr. Jackson or his staff directly, please use the contact information below. 

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The Best Man Company, LLC
PO Box 80773
Rochester Hills, MI 48308 
Toll-free: 888-987-5093

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All sessions include an evaluation and books for all professional staff. All parental sessions include one book for each parent participant.

Bulk Order Requests:

To order Jesse W. Jackson III’s books, including College or Prison, and Don’t Kick Them Out, visit or your local bookseller. For orders of 50 copies or more, email us at Bulk discounts on orders of fewer than 50 copies are not available. 

“Don’t Kick 
Them Out!

Why Black & Latino Students Get Suspended So Frequently & 7 Steps To Address Negative Behavior And Avoid Suspensions

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