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Office Staff Training

2018-2019 Office Staff Training Program 


 Administrative Office Staff Training Services

Our objectives in this training program are:

  • To help office staff increase their understanding of cultural differences and diversity.
  • To help office staff improve their communication and supportive approaches to staff, parents, and students.
  • To improve communication and business skills.
  • To improve basic skills, which include proofreading/editing, filing, record keeping, and conference and meeting planning.

This seminar will help office staff to understand how to effectively:

  • Run a school front office.
  • Help your principal be successful.
  • Deal with difficult parents.
  • Deal with difficult students.
  • Respond in a crisis protocol.

Presentation Time: 3 hours a day 


All sessions are facilitated by Dr. Jesse W. Jackson III.

 Available session dates and times:

 (Morning) (Afternoon) or Saturday Trainings Options Are Available! 
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