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Parent Trainings

2018-2019 Parents Training Programs 

Parents & Teachers Working Together:
How Parents Can Affectively Support School Staff & Help Their Children Be Successful

Fathers Affects On Student Behavior

My Parent Leadership Institute seminar series consist of (4) seminars which will address the following specialty areas:

Session #1, Parents & Teachers Working Together: How Parents Can Effectively Support School Staff

 Parents and teachers have always been partners. Both parties rely on each other to do a job. Parents need teachers to educate their children, giving them a chance to be successful in life, and teachers need parents to support their efforts and respect their work. When parents and teachers are not partners, the education system will not succeed. Today, the parent-teacher relationship is the worst that it has ever been. This session will show parent leaders the best methods to effectively build relationships with and support their children’s teachers.

Session #2, How Parents Can Help Schools with Student Behavior Issues

Confidence and a healthy emotional disposition are critical components of high academic performance. This session will help parents to understand and overcome emotional barriers that prevent high academic performance.

Session #3, Success or Failure, Parents are the Difference: How to Help Your Children Be Successful in the Classroom

 All participants will understand:

 •The importance of parents continuing their personal education,

 •How to develop a plan for their child’s educational success,

 •The role of finances in the education of children,

•How to effectively support their child’s teacher, and

•How to improve their relationships with their own children.

Optional: Session #4, Get College Ready: How to Help Your Children Find the RIGHT Path of College & Career Success Early

As a former college counselor, Dr. Jackson has witnessed thousands of students get bad advice from counselors based on their opinions, not sound knowledge or facts. Parents will learn new success strategies that will help them help their children to plan for post-secondary education, choose the right career, avoid the financial aid trap, and much more. It is never too early!

These sessions will address:

•How to Understand the Classroom Teaching Style

•How to Identify Your Child’s Learning Style

•How to Partner with the Teacher to Improve Study Habits

•How to Properly Address Concerns with School Staff

•Why Parents & Teachers Must Become Partners

•School Attendance and Punctuality

•Building and Developing School Culture

•The Importance of Parent Involvement

•Academic Goal Setting

•How to Promote Parent Achievement

•And much more.

Time: Each seminar is 60 to 90 minutes in length.

Evaluation: At the end of each seminar, parents will receive an evaluation.

All sessions will be conducted by Dr. Jesse W. Jackson III.

All sessions include the selection of 100 books from Dr. Jackson’s 20-book learning library.

Dr. Jackson will conduct a 40-minute book signing after each session for parents.

Additional books can be purchased upon request.

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All sessions includes 25 books for parents from my 25 book library. Please review our book selections at Choose any two sessions that will you feel will help your parents to be more successful and call us to schedule your Parent Event today while I have an opening @888-987-5093.

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