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School Leaders Trainings

Leadership Retreat & Principals Meeting Training 

21st Century School Leadership
How to Lead Teachers, Parents & Students in
 Turbulent Times

School Administration Training Services

Our objectives in this training program are:

  • To effectively build a team culture and maximize staff performance.
  • To understand the appropriate school leadership approach to managing negative behavior.

This seminar will help school administration to understand how to effectively: 

  • How to take care of yourself and your family in this business.
  • The roles and responsibilities of an effective assistant principal.
  • How to address the new population’s needs.
  • How to maintain and increase school enrollment.
  • How to gain the cooperation and loyalty of a professional staff.
  • How to maintain safety and security.
  • How to position yourself for promotion.
  • The effects of poverty on students and educators.
  • Emotional and mental stresses caused by poverty.
  • How to build a winning team.
  • How to maximize your potential.
  • How to maximize your employees’ workplace performance.
  • How to create a team culture.
  • How to know when to fire or remove educational staff members.
  • How to protect yourself and your school against allegations of sexual abuse and sexual misconduct among students, parents, and staff.
  • How administrators can effectively manage the demands of their jobs and the requirements of their marriages and families.

Presentation Time: 3 hours a day

All sessions are facilitated by Dr. Jesse W. Jackson III.

 Available session dates and times:

 (Morning) (Afternoon) or Saturday Trainings Options Are Available! 
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