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Program Implementation & Course Outline

Closing The Race Gap! How School Administration Can Appropriately Address the Issue of Race in a School Workplace Environment (Identify Proactive Race-Management Strategies That Decrease Negative Situations, And Develop A Healthy And Positive Race-Relation Environment)

            In 2020, after years of debate and discussion, it is very clear that race still matters. The field of education has a responsibility to lead the way in destroying the toxic spirit of racism. In the field of education, we have an advantage because we can teach and share ideas that advance the issue of race. This occurs only with awareness and understanding and requires that people hear and recognize the views of others.

            In this groundbreaking training, we will teach our participants some very important tools and strategies that encourage a more forward view and understanding of how to best approach the issue when working and talking with students. This training will teach educators:

  • how to appropriately and successfully address the issue of race in a school;
  • how to understand the differences between race issues and social-class issues and why not to compare the two;
  • how to gain a better understanding of police brutality and the issue of race;
  • what things to say and not to say;
  • what things to do and not to do if you desire to improve the situation;
  • what to do when someone calls you a racist;
  • This training will help create an environment in which educators can learn and better understand critical issues concerning racial differences. 

Days of training: 3 to 5

Presentation Time: 2 to 3 (per session)

Room Layout: On Campus or in ZOOM/ Virtual Training Room

Anticipated Audience: 25 to 70

All sessions are facilitated by Dr. Jesse W. Jackson III.

Available Training Dates
Starting after
February 2021

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District Cost (Under 15 Schools): Call us @ (888-987-5093) or email for cost

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